At VoIP Detective we take data privacy very seriously, and strive to be as transparent as possible.  VoIP Detective does have several strengths when it comes to protecting your data, these are namely:

  • Your call data resides only on your servers.  At no point does your call data leave your organization, or get transmitted to any other location or organization.
  • VoIP Detective (the appliance) does not require permissions on your CUCM.  this means that VoIP Detective simply listens (via SFTP) for CUCM to send files to it.  If you choose (this is optional) to import user and device data from CUCM into VoIP Detective, this is done by adding a read-only user to CUCM.

The need for internet access

VoIP Detective free needs an internet connection to the following:

  • (port 443) - this is used to test if internet access is working, and to relay to the administrator (you) if an update is available.
  •  (port 443) - this is accessed for upgrade details, and to pull upgrades from.  An administrator is able to upgrade the system quickly and easily through the GUI.
  •  (port 443) - this is accessed every 7 days to verify that your license is still active.
  • (optional) customers have the ability to upgrade the underlying Linux operating system through the command line interface (yum).  If you decide to upgrade the operating system, you will need access to common Linux repositories. Yum (the update utility for Alma Linux) uses ports 80 and 443 to various repositories across the internet.  

My organization does not allow unsecured internet access.  What can we do to secure this?

  • VoIP Detective PRO users have the option for an offline license.  This will remove the requirement for internet access.
  • VoIP Detective free and PRO both support the use of a proxy server.  This will allow you to closely monitor any traffic that VoIP Detective initiates, since it will need to access your proxy to get to the internet
  • Another option would be to place VoIP Detective behind a firewall, and perform packet inspection.

If you have any concerns about data privacy, please feel free to open a support desk ticket.