Video overview of the process:

Default Password information can be found here

Installation VoIP Detective is a prebuilt linux based appliance that is available as an OVA file. To install VoIP Detective, you'll want to follow this process:

  1. Obtain a license - a free license key can be generated from this page, or, if you would like to access all features of VoIP Detective PRO, you can purchase a license by emailing  If you have multiple copies of VoIP Detective, please request a new key for each installation.
  2. Download the VoIP Detective OVA file from the same page
  3. Extract the file that you downloaded. Note the location that it was extracted to.
  4. Deploy the virtual machine (OVA). The screenshots below are from VMware ESXi 6.7, so yours may very slightly.
    1. Log into ESXi and select New Virtual Machine.  Highlight "Deploy a virtual machine from an OVF or OVA file" and hit next.
    2. Give your new VM a name and select the OVA that we extracted in step 3.
    3. Choose the proper datastore.  VoIP Detective will use 500GB of space when thick provisioned (thin provisioning is fully supported, should you wish to save space).
    4. Choose the proper network mapping - this associates the 'dvportgroup-70' port group that was used when VoIP Detective was built, to a port group on your network.  Just pick the network from the dropdown that is on the same network as your CUCM.  Choose a disk provisioning option (both thin and thick are supported by VoIP Detective), and hit next.
    5. Select Finish, and your VM should deploy and power on when finished.
  5. The appliance is set to use DHCP. If you'd like to continue using DHCP to assign an address to VoIP Detective, Use your web browser to go to the IP address of VoIP Detective and follow the instructions there, skipping the instructions below.
  6. (OPTIONAL) Assigning a static IP address to VoIP Detective.  Please see this article
  7. If you plan on accessing VoIP Detective via a DNS address (instead of an IP address) then set a hostname in the VoIP Detective CLI.  Please see this article.
  8. Use your web browser to go to the address of VoIP Detective - you can find the IP of VoIP Detective by using your VMware ESI or Vcenter console.
  9. Step through the installer.  This will provide the system with a minimum configuration, and get you up and running.
  10. Point CDRs from your CUCM to VoIP Detective - Please go here to learn how to configure CDRs in CUCM.
  11. Login to VoIP Detective's web interface as admin - The default username is 'admin' and the default password is 'voip'. Full list of default passwords can be found here.

*Important Note - VoIP Detective is not designed to be internet facing (accessible directly from the internet).  Please ensure that VoIP Detective is not reachable from the internet, or in your organization's DMZ.

If you have any questions, please click on the "New Support Ticket" button above.