1. To assign a static IP address console into the virtual machine (or use an SSH client if you prefer). Default credentials can be found here.
  2. Console into the virtual machine (or use an SSH client if you prefer) and choose option 2 to change network settings. 
  3. Choose Edit a connection 
  4. Press the right arrow and choose edit 
  5. Press the down arrow until IPv4 CONFIGURATION Automatic is highlighted. Press the enter key on the word Automatic 
  6. Choose Manual and press enter
  7. Right arrow to the word Show and press enter 
  8. Fill in the following fields address, gateway, DNS servers. They are all requried.
    Please note that the ip address should be followed by the subnet in cidr notation. i.e. Some common subnet mask -> cidr examples:
    • - /24
    • - /23
    • - /22
    • - /16
    • - /8
  9. Down arrow to the word OK and press enter 
  10. Right arrow then down arrow to the word Back and press enter 
  11. Choose "Set system hostname"
  12. Enter the hostname that you will use to access VoIP Detective.  This should be in the format hostname.yourdomain.com
  13. Down arrow to the word Quit and press enter 
  14. From the main menu, reboot the system.