When logged in as an administrator, you will have access to the "User Management" section of VoIP Detective.  This will allow you to grant and revoke access a person's access to VoIP Detective.  User Management can be found on the administration dropdown:

Many aspects of VoIP Detective involve the concepts of users, managers, and teams.  The primary idea is that each user can see their own calls, and from there, an administrator can grant them access to the calls of others.

User Groups

Users are broken into four categories:

  • Employees - Can only pull reports on one extension (the one assigned to them)
  • Managers - Can pull reports on themselves and any extension assigned to them.
  • Global Manager - Can search for anything, but cannot change system settings (a step below the admin)
  • Administrators - Can administer the system and pull reports on everything.

When a person registers for an account, they are made an Employee by default. At that point, an administrator can promote them to a manager, or to an administrator.

Creating a User

A user in VoIP Detective can be created by the administrator using the "Create a new user" module.  Additionally, if the administrator has allowed users to self register, they can create their own account by clicking "register for an account".

  • User's extension - this should be the extension that this user is assigned in CUCM.  This matches the user to their calls in various VoIP Detective reports.
  • Display Name - can be any descriptor that you'd like.  Typically the person's full name.  This field can also be automatically synchronized.
  • Password - the password that will be used for this person to login to VoIP Detective.
  • Email - address where reports should be sent for this user.

Creating a manager

  1. Create a user account if this person does not already have one.
  2. As an administrator, go to the Administration -> User Management section of VoIP Detective
  3. Under the "Employees" heading you will see a drop down with the label "Promote user to Manager". Select your manager's account from this drop-down and press go.


You will see the word "team" used in sections of VoIP Detective.  The idea of a team is that a manager will have several extensions assigned to them.  These extensions could be end user devices, or they could be hunt pilots, call center triggers, or any item inside of CUCM that can be reported on.  To build a team, you need a manager, and a list of extensions to assign to that manager.

Assigning extensions to a manager

  1. Sign in as Administrator
  2. Go to Administration -> User Management
  3. Scroll down to "Assign a Manager to a user:"
  4. Select the manager you'd like to assign users to from the drop-down menu
  5. Type the extension you would like that manager to pull reports on in the "employee extension" field and press go (for multiple users, you can enter a comma separated list - i.e. 1234, 1235, 1236, 1237).