Are you having trouble licensing VoIP Detective?  Don't worry, we're here to help!

The best place to start when there is a licensing issue is to go to Administration -> Licensing, and press "verify license".  This should provide you with an explanation of the current issue.

Troubleshooting new installations:

  1. VoIP Detective requires an internet connection.  If your organization does not allow direct communication with the internet, there are a few options available:
    • Use a proxy server - VoIP Detective can use a proxy server on your network to reach the internet.  This way you can filter what communication occurs.
    • Open VoIP Detective only to specific websites.  VoIP Detective only needs to communicate with the following websites:
      1. https://
      2. https://
      3. https://
    • VoIP Detective Pro offers an offline license for organizations who prefer not to allow internet access.
  2. Site URL not correctly formatted- If there is an issue with the Site URL entered during setup then activation can fail.  Go to Administration -> Configuration and verify your Site URL uses the following format:
  3. Verify internet connectivity from the command line.  By logging into the command line (either SSH or through your hypervisor's remote access), you can access the command line troubleshooting menu.  From there you can ping devices on the internet, both by IP and by DNS name to verify connectivity.

'Domain in use' errors:

Each VoIP Detective client must be registered to a unique public IP address.  This is generally not an issue unless your VoIP Detective is deleted and recreated without first uninstalling the license.  The license uninstall process will report to the VoIP Detective servers that this public IP does not have an associated installation, and is free for use.  If this message is appearing in your logs, please open a support ticket (include the VoIP Detective logs from Administration -> Troubleshooting), and we will investigate.

'Maximum installations limit (3) reached' errors:

This can happen when your public IP changes frequently, and your license is activated on several different IP addresses.  Please open a support ticket (include the VoIP Detective logs from Administration -> Troubleshooting), and we will purge the old public IP associations.

Troubleshooting existing installations that lose or fail registration:

  1. Reactivate license.  Go to Administration -> Licensing and click "verify license".  If that succeeds, then you are done.
  2. Purge local license data.  Go to Administration -> Licensing and click "uninstall license".  Click "uninstall license" a second time.  Click "purge license data", and finally click "activate license".  This will delete any locally stored license data, and attempt to contact and retrieve license information.
  3. Public IP address has changed.  VoIP Detective licensing is tied to your public IP address.  If the public IP address that VoIP Detective would use to reach the internet changes, this can cause licensing to fail.  Go to Administration -> Licensing and attempt to activate your license again.  If this does not work please open a ticket with support to have your license reset.  Please include the VoIP Detective logs from Administration -> Troubleshooting in your ticket.
  4. Deleted your VoIP Detective appliance and started over.  Each VoIP Detective appliance registers its Site URL with the VoIP Detective license server (this could be an IP address, or URL).  If you had VoIP Detective installed on the address, deleted that virtual machine (without first uninstalling the license), then later recreated it, you would get an error message that was already in use.  In that case, please open a ticket with support to have the old Site URL / IP address disassociated from your license.  Please note that creating a new license will not solve this issue.
  5. Changes to the the Site URL.  Licensing is tied to the Site URL inside of your VoIP Detective configuration page.  Changing this will break licensing, and sometimes prevent you from re-licensing.  If you would like to change the site url (or have already), please do the following:
    1. Go to Administration -> Licensing and uninstall your license.  
    2. Press uninstall a second time.  
    3. You should now see the option to "purge license data".  Press this button.
    4. Go to Administration -> Configuration and update the site url.  Press "Go" to save the site url.
    5. Return to Administration -> Licensing and activate your license.

When all else fails, please open a support ticket

Please be sure to include the VoIP Detective logs (Administration -> Troubleshooting)