Manually importing a single CDR file

If you have a single CDR file, such as one produced when exporting from CUCM using CAR, this can be imported directly to VoIP Detective.  Starting with VoIP Detective version 1.625, files can be imported by:

  1. Go to Administration -> Troubleshooting
  2. Scroll down to "Manual CDR Import"
  3. Please note the "Maximum upload size", as it can vary based on your installation.
  4. Click on "choose file", select the file from your PC, and click "Manually import a single CDR file".
  5. The process will run for some times - possibly hours, and will alert you when complete.  Please leave this window open, as closing it will cause processing to stop. 

Manually importing many small CDR and CMR files.

If you have a number of small files (less than 1mb each), then you can SFTP them to VoIP Detective in bulk, and have them processed that way.

  1. Using an SFTP client (my favorite is FileZilla) connect to VoIP Detective using the same credentials that Call Manager would use (username 'voipdetective' password 'voip' unless this has been changed).
  2. You will see a number of folders:
    • /incoming - this is where you would upload CDR and CMR files that VoIP Detective should process
    • /processed - VoIP Detective moves files here after they are processed.  They stay here for 48 hours before deletion.
    • /backup - automatic backups are stored here
    • /restore - should you need to restore your VoIP Detective backup, it would be uploaded here.
    • /error - files identified with errors will be placed here
  3. So, all you need to do is drop your files directly into the /incoming folder, and they will be processed by VoIP Detective (free processes once an hour, pro processes every minute).  

A few notes:

  • Historical data can be pulled from Cisco Call Manager using it's built in CAR system.  This guide goes over the process : Manually exporting call information from CUCM
  • Gateway and Admin Dashboard stats - both the gateway utilization graphs, and Admin Dashboard stats will not be populated when manually importing logs.  This is because these reports and graphs are created every hour, and do not process historical records.