When looking through the VoIP Detective logs (Administration -> Logs) you may see the error "No route to host", presented as so:

This means there is something preventing VoIP Detective from reaching the network or internet resource that it's looking for.  

The first step should be to log into the CLI (command line interface).  Using SSH or the VMware console, login to the CLI

Choose the option "show current network settings"

In the example below, you can see that the gateway is incorrect.  

At this point you'll want to select the option for "change network settings / hostname" and properly configure the network settings.  Please note the subnet mask at the end of the IP address.

Setting the hostname

If using a hostname for VoIP Detective, you should set it through the CLI:

Be sure to reboot the virtual machine to apply any changes.

If failing to connect to www.voipdetective.com:

If your DNS server only handles internal requests, it may make sense to add an external one as well, such as (CloudFlare) or (Google).

Be sure to restart the virtual machine after making any network changes.

If using a proxy:

If you see a "no route to host" message when trying to access the proxy itself this can often mean:

  • The proxy itself it blocking you.  VoIP Detective may need to be whitelisted inside the proxy
  • VoIP Detective is attempting to connect to the proxy on the wrong port.

If the problem persists, please open a trouble tickets.