The Gateway Utilization Report is a great way to get an idea of how many calls are traversing your gateway, conference bridge, or analog device.  Keep in mind though VoIP Detective only has access to what's available in the CDRs provided by your Call Manager.  If your gateway is shared by another cluster, or another device (i.e. a faxserver with a PRI), calls not controlled by CUCM will not show up in the report.

This administrator only report will show the peak concurrent calls across your gateways. The gateway usage search stores call data for the previous 90 days, and will list the peak concurrent calls for each monitored gateway.

Devices that are able to be graphed on this report

  • Gateways (i.e. routers, PRIs, CUBEs)
  • CTI ports (i.e. call centers)
  • Voicemail Ports
  • Analog ports (ports on routers, as well as VG devices
  • Conference Bridges
  • Trunks

Getting Started
Before any data is added to this graph, you will need to add gateways to be monitored.

  1. Log in as an administrator
  2. Go to Administration -> Gateways
  3. VoIP Detective will list all gateways that have received calls in the previous 30 days.
  4. Place a check mark next to the gateways on the left that you'd like to monitor, then press the "Monitor these gateways" button.

I don't see my conference bridge, gateway, etc listed? - The list of "Available Gateways" is created by looking at the previous 1000 call records in VoIP Detective, and listing those devices.  If the device you want to monitor is not listed, just make a call to or from that device, and wait 10 minutes, then come back to the Administration -> Gateways page.

Viewing this graph

  • Once you've selected gateways to monitor, and several hours have gone by (for data to be added), you'll be able to run a gateway utilization report from the search page.
  • If you run a report on multiple gateways, clicking on the gateway name at the top of the graph will remove the line associated with that gateway. Clicking again will re-add the line. This is useful if you have many gateways and want to isolate just a couple.
  • Moving your mouse over a datapoint will provide a popup with information about each gateway at that hour.

How the hourly peak is arrived at:

Every hour, VoIP Detective digs through its call logs in one second increments, saying "show me calls where the originating gateway is XXX, next show me the calls where the destination gateway is XXX"  it then adds these two numbers together for that one second moment in time.  Once done for that hour, it puts all 3600 seconds into an array, and for each monitored gateway, picks the largest from that list, listing it as the max hourly calls. 

Some items to be aware of:

  • There is a hard limit of 100,000 hourly calls across all of your monitored gateways.  If you are monitoring gateways that do more than 100,000 calls per hour, the excess calls will not be counted.
  • If you have calls from another Call Manager, or phone system traversing your gateways, then these will not be counted (they will not be in the CDRs from our host Call Manager).
  • Gateway Utilization is not backward looking.  If you select a new gateway to be monitored, you must wait for new data to be processed, historical data will not be available.