VMware Workstation Player is a product that will allow you to install VoIP Detective on your existing Windows or Linux PC.  With Workstation Player, you can try out VoIP Detective without having to secure a server and install VMware's ESXi.  

Downloading a copy of VoIP Detective:

VoIP Detective is prebuilt linux based appliance that is available as an OVA file. To install VoIP Detective, you'll want to follow this process:

  1. Request a free license key from this page if you haven't already.  If you would like to run multiple instances of VoIP Detective for multiple CUCM clusters, please request a new key for each installation.
  2. Download the VoIP Detective OVA file from the same page
  3. Unzip the install file you downloaded from VoIP Detective, and note the location.

Installing VMware Workstation Player:

  1. The first step is to download VMware Workstation Player on the machine you'd like to install it on.
  2. Once you've downloaded and installed Workstation Player, please launch it and click on "Open a Virtual Machine"
  3. Select the VoIP_Detective.ova file and hit open
  4. Select the Name and Storage path you'd prefer to use
  5. The virtual machine will begin importing
  6. Once complete, press "Play virtual machine"
  7. Allow the virtual machine to boot normally.  If prompted to upgrade VMware tools, you can proceed, or cancel.
  8. The appliance will boot to a command prompt
  9. Login using the username cliadmin and the password voip.  You'll be presented with the CLI menu
  10. From the CLI menu, you can choose "1. show current network settings" if you'd like to continue using DHCP, or if you'd like to set your own IP address, press 2 (see this article for more information).  In this example we'll use DHCP.
  11. Press 1 to show the current network settings, including the DHCP address
  12. You can see that the IP address of the ens192 interface is  We take that address and put it into our computer browser
  13. From here, follow the on screen prompts to complete your setup.

*Important Note - VoIP Detective is not designed to be internet facing (accessible directly from the internet).  Please ensure that VoIP Detective is not reachable from the internet, or in your organization's DMZ.

If you have any questions, please click on the "New Support Ticket" button above.