VoIP Detective has the ability to pull data from Call Manager (CUCM) and populate it in your VoIP Detective reports.  This feature allows us to replace extensions and phone numbers inside of VoIP Detective with the name of the person assigned to that extension, as well as provide data about your device usage.


  • CUCM 11.5 or higher
  • VoIP Detective PRO
  • In CUCM, your end users must have either their "telephone number" or "primary extension" field (as seen on their CUCM end user page) mapped to their extension.

The details:

Using an end user with read-only API access that you will create inside of CUCM, VoIP Detective pulls a list of all CUCM end users.  It will look at either the "telephone number" or "primary extension" (you choose which during setup) field for each user, and if there is data there, it will load that user into the "Display Names" section of VoIP Detective.  Any existing Display Name inside of VoIP Detective with the same extension will be overwritten.  Each night all Display Names that were imported from CUCM are deleted, and imported again from scratch (as to not keep users in VoIP Detective how were deleted from CUCM).


  1. To begin, log into CUCM and go to Cisco Unified CM Administration -> User Management -> User Settings -> Access Control Group
  2. Assuming you do not have an existing AXL read only group, let's create one.  First, click "Add New" 
  3. Give the new group a title and save it.
  4. After creating the group, we will want to assign roles.  From the "Related Links" drop down in the upper right, press Go
  5. Assign "Standard AXL Read Only API Access" and "Standard AXL API Users"
  6. Create a new Application User in CUCM (User Management -> Application User), then click "add new"
  7. Make note of the user and password that you give them
  8. Add them to the new AXL Read Only Group we created
  9. Testing - From your internet browser, go to https:// <your CUCM address> :8443/axl/   you should be prompted for a username and password - enter the read-only credentials we just created.  You should see the following message:
  10. At this point we are done with CUCM.  Inside of VoIP Detective, go to Administration -> Configuration, And scroll down to the "Call Manager Settings" section.  You should see the option to enable AXL sync.
  11. Enter the IP address of your CUCM Publisher, and enable synchronization.  After you've enabled CUCM Synchronization, you should be able to input your CUCM Application username and password 
  12. Choosing what field to sync with in CUCM.  Inside of our CUCM end user page, we want to find the field where our extensions are stored.  You can choose between mapping the Telephone Number or Primary Extension from CUCM to VoIP Detective
    • VoIP Detective CUCM End User field to map: 
    • This is the CUCM End user page.  You'll note that this user's extension is stored in the Telephone Number field
    • Another possibility is that the extension could be stored in the Primary Extension field.  To verify, look on the same end user page.
  13. You can test the import process by going to Administration -> Troubleshooting, and clicking on the "Sync CUCM Data" button 
  14. Every night at midnight the Display Names will be re-imported.  You can see the results of this import by going to Administration -> Logs and viewing the Cron Log

Error : Query request too large 

Some clients may see something similar to this in the VoIP Detective logs:

2021-10-16 00:00:59 CUCM Synchronization completed with errors 10.26 seconds
     Error url : https://yourCUCM.com:8443/axl/
     Error code : 
     Authorization User : voipdetective
     Response code : 500

        Response :<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?><soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/"><soapenv:Body><soapenv:Fault><faultcode>soapenv:Server</faultcode><faultstring>Query request too large. Total rows matched: 56681 rows. Suggestive Row Fetch: less than 41424 rows</faultstring><detail><axlError><axlcode>5011</axlcode><axlmessage>Query request too large. Total rows matched: 56681 rows. Suggestive Row Fetch: less than 41424 rows</axlmessage><request>listUser</request></axlError></detail></soapenv:Fault></soapenv:Body></soapenv:Envelope>

This error claims that CUCM is sending back many more users than are actually configured in the system.  This error is normally caused by the following bug:


Please reach out to Cisco TAC to verify that you are hitting this bug, and to receive instructions for an upgrade / workaround.