There are two type of backups within VoIP Detective.  Automatic backups are created by the system every night, and manual backups are created on demand through the administrative GUI.  

Automatic Backups

As long as backups are enabled in Administration -> Configuration, the system will compress the database and all configuration, and store it locally in the file system.  If you would like to download one of these backups, you'll need an SFTP client (I like FileZilla).  Using that, connect to VoIP Detective with the user voipdetective (default password is voip).  You'll see a folder labeled /backup.  From that folder, you'll be able to download automatic backups.

  • username - voipdetective
  • default password - voip
  • host - the IP or hostname of your VoIP Detective installation
  • port - 22

Manual Backups

By logging into the web interface of VoIP Detective, and going to Administration -> Backups you can start a manual backup.  Manual backups are created on the fly and downloaded through the web interface.  Please note that manual backups are stored in an unprotected directory, and anyone who knows the address can download them.  They should be downloaded and deleted as soon as possible.