The admin search is designed to look trough all call results (inbound, outbound, internal, and even failed calls).  There are no restrictions on what the admin can search for, so it's a great troubleshooting tool. If you do not enter a search term, it will search all calls. If you enter any digits, it will search for that string as part of any other - i.e. A search for 911 will return 9911, 12349110, etc

Search Criteria Overview:

  • 0 second calls - these are calls that are 0 seconds. In most situations, these are calls that never connected, i.e. you simply take the phone offhook, then hang up again. These would also include misdials and errors.
  • Search external number mask - sometimes, the number that we send to the PSTN (telephone company) is different than what is associated with our phone. For example, we may out-pulse a toll free number. This search will show external number masks that meet this criteria.
  • Originating Device - Include information about the device (phone, fax, etc) that made the call.
  • Destination Device - Include information about the device (phone, fax, etc) that received the call.
  • Codec information - A phone call can use one of many codecs. Depending on which codec is used, the bandwidth used, and voice quality can differ greatly.

Search Results Overview:

  • # - the number of this call, out of the search results returned
  • Caller - the phone number or extension that placed the call
  • Called - the phone number or extension that received the call
  • Date of Call - the date, time, and timezone of the call
  • Duration - total seconds of the call
  • Term Code - this is the system code that CUCM has placed into the CDR.  Hover over this for a description.
  • Originating Device - the device the call first touched. For a telephone this will be the MAC, for other calls this will usually be the gateway that the call is first presented to.
  • Destination Device - the device that the call finally landed on.
  • CMR Details - VoIP Detective stores 30 days of CMR data. If data is present for this call, clicking this link will show technical details about the call that can aid the administrator in troubleshooting.

CMR Data:

If you have enabled CMR data in your CUCM cluster, technical details will be sent to VoIP Detective regarding the call.  These details will give you insight as to the quality of the network and of the call.

It is important to note that Cisco has discontinued use of some metrics, such as MOS.  Older phones (such as the 7900 series) will still report MOS sores, however newer SIP phones will not.  Newer phones will rely on metrics such as SCSR.  You can read more about Cisco's decision to remove MOS here.

Inbound call answered by a 8861 phone:

Hovering over the blue question mark will provide more information:

Inbound hunt group call answered by a 7962 phone.  You can see Here that there are multiple legs (call identifiers), as the call hits the hunt group, then is routed to our 7962 phone.  You'll also notice that MOS scores are reported on this device.