VoIP Detective is capable of supporting https through the use of a SSL certificate.  This will require you generating a CSR from inside of VoIP Detective, and providing that CSR to a Certificate Authority, and finally installing the provided certificate and CA bundle.


  • VoIP Detective PRO
  • Virtual Machine OS version 2.3 or higher (visit Administration -> System Status to view your version).

About the VoIP Detective OS 2.3+ requirement

Changes were made to the underlying Apache web server that powers VoIP Detective to allow an SSL certificate to be used.  If you would like to install a certificate, but are on an older OS, you can deploy a new virtual machine, and copy your existing data over.  Please see this guide for more information.


  1. Verify that you are using a hostname (not an IP address), similar to voipdetective.mycompany.com
  2. Verify that you have set the hostname in the CLI as outlined here - https://voipdetective.freshdesk.com/a/solutions/articles/48001063796
  3. Visit Administration -> Certificates and click on the "Certificate Authority Signed Cert" button at the top.  On this page, you will need to go through each of the steps to create and install your SSL certificate.

In the event of an error:

Should an error occur during or after certificate installation, it is likely that the Apache web server that powers VoIP Detective may not be able to start.  In this event, please login to the CLI (default password) and choose the menu option for troubleshooting, then the option for "VoIP Detective is not working after installing a SSL certificate".  You will need to reboot the virtual machine after making this change.  This will delete all installed CSRs and Certificates and allow you to start over.

After rebooting, please access VoIP Detective via http:// 

Verifying the CSR:

Should you need to, you can verify the CSR created by VoIP Detective by pasting it into a tool like this:




This will allow you to verify that your CSR is accurate and in the proper format. 

Tips and Tricks

Some authorities may reject the CSR as invalid or corrupt due to formatting.  VoIP Detective produces CSRs that are all one one line, like this:


Should your CSR be rejected, try adding a line break (press the enter key) after the begin and before the end lines, like so: