A Client Matter Code, or CMC is a method of correlating phone calls to a specific client, project, or other grouping.  A classic example would be a company (for example a law firm) who needs to track phone calls and time against a particular client.  In order to see how much time was spent on the phone for a particular client, a CMC would be issued (in our example, we'll use the code 123).  Whenever any employee is making a call pertaining to this client, they will dial the code '123' before making the call.  At the end of the month, using VoIP Detective, you can search for the code '123' and see how many calls were made, and the duration.

In order to run a Client Matter Code report, you must be using VoIP Detective Pro

To begin, we'll want to enable Client Matter Codes by going to Administration -> Configuration:

From the main track calls page, select the Client Matter Search

This is the output when searching for the code '123'

You can see that we have data privacy turned on, as well as display names

You are able to export this information at the bottom of the page: