VoIP Detective has the ability to parse CMR data that is provided by Cisco Call Manager.  What this means is that CUCM will send a CDR file with details about the call, but in many circumstances, will also send a CMR file with information about call quality and diagnostic information.  This can be very useful in understanding and locating network issues that impact call quality.

VoIP Detective currently has two reports that offer CMR data, the Admin Search, as well as the Network Quality Search.

In both reports, you'll see a button labeled "CMR Data" that when clicked will offer a popup with more information:

You'll see several sections of data, starting with an overview of this call.

Next we'll see data about each of the call legs associates with this call.  In this example we have two legs.  

Call leg 21747031 is associated with a gateway (SIP CUBE)

While call leg 21747032 is associated with a handset.

You can see there is quite a bit of information associated with this record.  By hovering your mouse over the ? a popup will appear to provide more information about that item.