VoIP Detective offers what is called a wallboard. Users of Cisco's UCCX (Unified Contact Center Express) are able to display real-time statistics about their contact center including calls answered, available agents, calls holding in the queue or more. These statistics can be accessed by a browser, and can be displayed on televisions or monitors, allowing staff and managers to have up to the minute information about the call center.

All CSQs on one page:

Only one CSQ displayed

In order to use the VoIP Detective Wallboard, there are some requirements that much be met:

  • VoIP Detective PRO license
  • VoIP Detective OS version 3.0 or higher (older versions do not include the necessary Informix drivers to connect to UCCX)
  • UCCX 10 or higher

Configuring UCCX for Wallboard Access

Login to your primary UCCX server's "Cisco Unified CCX Administration" page and go to Tools -> Real Time Snapshot Writing and Configuration for Wallboard and set the following:

  • Data Writing Enable : checked
  • Data Writing Interval : 5 seconds
  • Cisco Unified CCX CSQs Summary : checked
  • Cisco Unified CCX System Summary : checked
  • Server Name : The IP Address of your VoIP Detective server.

Now we can set the password for our wallboard user (uccxwallboard):

Tools -> Password Management

VoIP Detective Configuration:

At this point, we can go to the VoIP Detective Wallboard page: Administration -> Wallboard.  Please note that if you are an OS version older than 3.0 (as displayed on the System Status page), then you will not see this feature.  OS 3.0 or higher is required - you can find more information about migrating to OS 3.0 here.

You'll see standard questions to get started, such as the IP, Hostname, and wallboard credentials of your UCCX server.  Begin by enabling the wallboard, then fill in the various questions.  If you do not have a secondary UCCX server, you can leave those fields blank.

Once properly configured, you'll see the default wallboard that shows all CSQs in one window.

You can click on the "open in new window" icon under the "View Wallboard" column to see this wallboard.

At this point we can make a new wallboard that focuses on a single CSQ.  Moving your mouse over any field will provide a description of the item.

Once created, you are able to display this wallboard on any device by accessing the "Wallboard URL".  The wallboard will automatically refresh, and show the latest data.

Firewall configuration:

VoIP Detective will attempt to connect to CUCM's Informix database over TCP port 1504.  

You'll also need port TCP 80 / 443 open to connect from your desktop to the wallboard

Agent Data Import / Team Wallboard.

Beginning with VoIP Detective 1.906, you have the option of importing Agent details and displaying them on the wallboard.  VoIP Detective will gather the CSQs and Agents related to a specific team, and display them on one wallboard

To enable this, you will need to:

  1. Go to UCCX Administration ->Tools -> Password Management and set the password for the uccxhruser if you have not done so. Please note that changing this password will affect any other third party tools that may be using it.
  2. In VoIP Detective, go to Administration -> Wallboard and enable "agent data import"
  3. In VoIP Detective, go to Administration -> Wallboard and set the Historical reporting user password from step 1.
  4. To force an initial pull of agent data, visit one of your existing wallboards.  This will import all team information.
  5. Reload the Administration -> Wallboard page.  You should now see team reports listed.