VoIP Detective is built on Alma Linux (earlier versions were built on Centos Linux).  From there we run other software, such as Apache, MariaDB, and PHP on top (commonly known as the LAMP stack).  Occasionally, there are requests to upgrade the underlying OS, usually to patch a security vulnerability.  

VoIP Detective OS version versus Linux OS version : Each VoIP Detective VM has a "VoIP Detective OS version" that can be found on the Administrator -> System Status page.  This OS version references the drivers and settings that were build into that virtual machine, and is different from the Linux OS (which can be updated as described below).  The VoIP Detective OS version cannot be upgraded, however you can migrate to a new VoIP Detective VM.

VoIP Detective OS version 2.7 and up of VoIP Detective offers an easy to use command line way of upgrading the OS. 

Upgrading VoIP Detective versus upgrading the OS:

It is easy to upgrade the VoIP Detective produce through the GUI, by going to Administration -> Update.  This will allow you to run the latest version of the VoIP Detective software.  This article however is aimed at upgrading the underlying Linux appliance - similar to upgrading Windows (the OS), as opposed to upgrading Microsoft Office (VoIP Detective software).

OS Upgrade procedure:

  1. Log into the VoIP Detective CLI (command line interface).  This can be done by using an SSH client (such as putty), or by using the VMware or Hyper-V console.  You should use the username cliadmin (password can be found here).
  2. From the menu, choose the option "update Linux OS"
  3. Choose the option that you'd like to upgrade.  Commonly, customers would choose to update the components of the OS (yum update), which is what we will do in this instance.
  4. You may be prompted to re-enter the cliadmin password
  5. You'll likely be prompted to press Enter to complete the upgrade
  6. Apache should be automatically restarted
  7. Generally the change is immediate, however depending on the update you are performing, you may need to reboot the virtual machine.

Important note about updating only Apache:

It is possible, using the command line interface, to upgrade only apache, however, if you are using SSL (i.e. https) on your VoIP Detective installation, this may cause problems.  If only Apache is upgraded, but not the modules that allow for SSL, then Apache may fail to start.  If after upgrading only Apache, your VoIP Detective displays a broken, or only white page, please go back into the command line interface and choose the OS upgrade option to upgrade all components of the OS.  This will upgrade the modules that power Apache.