VoIP Detective allows your organization to have what we call a "manager".  This person can pull reports on any extension the administrator has assigned to them (the numbers that an administrator assigns to the manager makeup what we call their "team"), such as employees, hunt groups, fax lines, etc.  A manager is able to pull a single report that will include everyone in their team.  This report can be generated on demand, or scheduled to be delivered by email

This article will go over how to create that manager and assign extensions to them.

Creating a manager and assigning extensions:

  1. Go to Administration -> User Management and create a new user (if our manager already has an account inside of VoIP Detective, you can skip this step)
  2. Promote your new user to a manager by going to the Usergroup Functions -> Employees section, and using the drop down menu
  3. Now that our user is a manager, we can assign extensions to them.  Scroll to the bottom of the page to the "Assign a Manager to an Extension" section, and select our new manager from the dropdown.
  4. Enter the extension that you'd like added to this manager's team and hit "Go"
  5. You'll get a confirmation that the user has been added to our manager's team

Adding multiple extensions to a manager

It is possible to add multiple extensions to a manager at the same time.  This can be done by entering these as a comma separated list, like so:

Tip for adding many extensions at once

Many extensions can be input in this field at once - up to 1024 characters.  This translates to about 170 5 digit extensions or 200 4 digit extensions (including commas).  One trick that may help in importing these extensions from excel is to have your extensions on one row, as I've done here with extensions 3700 through 3870

From there you can export the file as a CSV

And then open the file in notepad to get a nicely formatted list, ready to import

Just copy from notepad and paste into VoIP Detective

and that's all you need

Want to copy an existing manager's team onto another manager?

If you want to copy an existing manager's team to another manager, select the source manager from "View a manager's assigned extensions" 

The popup that opens will show the existing team, including a comma separated list that you can use to import into the target manager