By default, VoIP Detective backs itself up nightly, sorting the backup locally (on the same disk, inside the VoIP Detective virtual machine.  While this works, it is less than ideal.  We recommend that you backup VoIP Detective to an entirely different disk or datastore.  This article will walk you through enabling both local backups and remote backups.

Enabling local backups

Local backups can be enabled by going to Administration -> Configuration, scrolling down to the Backup section, and enabling them.

Enabling remote backups

VoIP Detective is able to backup to both FTP and SFTP servers.  To do this, you must have local backups enabled first, then enable and configure the remote backups.

Important note about SFTP backups

In order to perform a remote SFTP backup, outbound SSH must be installed on your system.  The good news is that this is an easy process, as long as you are running VoIP Detective OS version 2.7 or higher, as displayed on the Administration -> System Status page (OS upgrades are not possible on older installations).

  • Log into the VoIP Detective CLI (command line interface).  This can be done by using an SSH client (such as putty), or by using the VMware or Hyper-V console.  You should use the username cliadmin (password can be found here).
  • From the menu, choose the option "update OS"
  • From the Update OS menu, choose the option to install outbound SSH (enable SFTP remote backups)
  • Press enter when instructed.  You may be required to re-enter the cliadmin password.