The VoIP Detective endpoint utilization search is designed to show the administrator a list of devices configured inside of CUCM.  VoIP Detective will then search through it's own call record database and show the last call into our out of each device.  This report will help you in finding devices that are no longer in use.

With the Endpoint Utilization report from VoIP Detective, you can find un-used phones and devices in Cisco Call Manager.


The Search:

To perform a device information search, you will first need to go to the primary "Track Calls" scree, and scroll down to "Device Information"

Pressing search will cause the device information search to run.  Since this is a real-time report, it may take several minutes to run, but once complete it will display a list of all CUCM phones, as well as a column called "Last Call".  

You can export data by clicking on the down arrow in the upper right hand corner.  Please note that it will take about a minute for the download to occur.