VoIP Detective stores a number of files, including backups, and CDRs that have been received from CUCM or CUBE.  Should you like to view these files, or upload / download them, that can be done via SFTP.Using an SFTP client (we recommend FileZilla) connect to VoIP Detective using the same credentials that Call Manager would use

  1. Default credentials (unless changed via the CLI)
    • username - voipdetective
    • default password - voip
    • host - the IP or hostname of your VoIP Detective installation
    • port - 22
  2. You will see a number of folders:
    • /archive - (not on all installations) - this is where VoIP Detective compresses and stores CDRs prior to deletion.
    • /incoming - this is where you would upload CDR and CMR files that VoIP Detective should process
    • /processed - VoIP Detective moves files here after they are processed.  They stay here until midnight, then are moved to the archive.
    • /backup - automatic backups are stored here
    • /restore - should you need to restore your VoIP Detective backup, it would be uploaded here.
    • /error - files identified with errors will be placed here