VoIP Detective runs off of a MariaDB database, which accepts the same commands as MySQL.  Through the command line menu, you can create a user that can directly access the call database.  You will be able to view all CDR and CMR data contained in VoIP Detective.

This feature is available in VoIP Detective version 1.904 and greater.

To enable database access, log into your command line interface

Choose the option to configure Linux OS services

Choose the option to configure MariaDB

Finally, choose the option to enable remote database access.

You'll be prompted to create a user and password.  Once that is complete, you can remotely access the database.

Sample connection string

mysql -u your_username -p -h remote_host_ip_or_hostname -P remote_port

Replace the following placeholders with your actual information:

your_username: Your MySQL username
remote_host_ip_or_hostname: The IP address or hostname of the remote server
remote_port: The port on which MySQL is running on the remote server - 3306

Removing access to the Database

Should you wish to disable remote access to your database, simply choose that option from the command line interface.  This will not remove the user that has been created, however it will close the firewall port 3306.