The "Team Search" is an excellent way to show the calls made and received by your team, department or group.  You'll see a summary of the calls, be able to drill down to the details, as well as export reports.

Performing a Team Search:

1. Click the "Track Calls" button on the menu bar

2. Select the "Team Search" heading to expand that section.

3. Choose the filters you would like (if any)

4. Select the time period for this search

5. Press the search button

Left column - Filters

The left side of the screen will show the filters that can be applied.  These will change what data is included or excluded in the report, as well as offer different formatting.  Hovering over each item will provide an explanation.

  • Internal calls - calls from one extension to another
  • Calls to voicemail - calls that this extension makes to voicemail (i.e. checking their voice messages)
  • Display Name - users of VoIP Detective PRO will have the ability to show end user names in the report.
  • Exclude manager calls - this will allow you to include or exclude your own calls from the report.
  • Show daily totals grouped by user and day - this will break the report up by day, showing your team metrics once for each day in the selected time period.
  • Time to answer average - include a column that will show the average time it takes to answer an inbound call.
  • Zero second inbound calls - inbound abandoned calls (calls that never connected)
  • Zero second outbound calls - outbound calls that never connected.

Right column - Team Members

The right side of the search screen will display the extensions, phones, and hunt pilots assigned to you.  Should an extension be missing from this page, an administrator will need to associate that extension with your account.

Selecting the time period for the search:

You can choose either a manual time period for the search by click on the calendar icon, and picking both a start date and end date from the popup

Clicking on the click icon in the above screenshot will allow you to select an hour an minute to further narrow down your search time-frame

If you prefer, you can choose one of the "Pre Defined Dates"

Once your time frame is set, click the "Search" button.

Example Team Search:

The following is an example Team Search using the standard filters

Hovering over the columns will provide more information and definitions

Viewing the details for each member of your team.

You can quickly access the inbound, outbound and total call details in this report by clicking on the blue arrow next to each column.  This will open that specific report for the time frame of our current report

Exporting the report

VoIP Detective Pro - Provides the ability to export the report in CSV, PDF, and XLSX (Excel).

VoIP Detective Free - You have the option to export the report as a CSV file (comma separated value). 

There are two methods to export the data:

By clicking on the export format you want in the lower right hand corner of the page, you can download the report currently displayed on the screen

Export Detailed Data - This will show each individual call, including the phone numbers involved.

Export Summary Data - This will not include each individual phone call, but instead will only show total numbers - this is an export of what we see on the screen currently.