If you've already installed VoIP Detective, but don't see any call records, there are a couple of things that we should verify:

  1. Go to Administration ->System Status. The "Last time a record was received from each CUCM" will list each node in your Call Manager cluster that has sent a record to VoIP Detective, as well as the date. CUCM will send CDR files to the /incoming folder, and once VoIP Detective processes them, they are moved to the /processed folder. If there are files in the /incoming or /processed folders, then VoIP Detective is receiving data from CUCM. 

If one or more of your CUCM notes is missing (but others are listed), then you may need to restart CDR services on that CUCM node.

  1. If /incoming and /processed folders show 0 files after one hour:
    1. Verify that CUCM is properly configured to send CDRs to VoIP Detective as per this guide.
    2. Verify that call manager is set to "continuously load cdrs".  Sometimes I see that clusters are set to send files every hour, or even every day.  Take a look at step 3 in this guide - Enabling CDRs and CMRs in Cisco Call Manager 
    3. Next, lets use an sftp client and connect to VoIP Detective.  This will allow us see if something on the network is blocking SFTP connections.  I like the Filezilla client - https://filezilla-project.org/download.php however any SFTP client should work (please note this is an SFTP client, not an FTP client). Connect to the IP of VoIP Detective, the username of voipdetective, and the password voip (same credentials that we gave CUCM when setting up the billing server), and finally port 22. This will verify SFTP connectivity to the server.
  2. If files are successfully showing up in the /incoming folder but are not being processed:
    1. VoIP Detective free only processes files once every hour (PRO processes every minute), so we should give it 120 minutes or so just to be on the safe side.  After that time you should pull the "Admin Call Search" without any filters - just press the search button and it will look for any calls that day.
    2. Assuming two hours have passed, Let's now verify that VoIP Detective was able to successfully register it's license.  Inside the web interface of VoIP Detective, go to Administration -> Licensing   and click on "validate license".  If not successful, feel free to open a ticket and we can work through the licensing issue.
  3. Take a look in the logs.  Go to Administration -> Logs.  Look at the logs for any error message that may be occurring.  Here are some common ones:

If CDRs never show up in those folders, this normally means that there is something preventing CUCM from sending files - it could be network, firewall, or an improperly setup billing server.