The Network Quality Search is designed to help you find calls where there were issues in the network that may have caused poor quality.

It is important to note that this report looks at call legs, or each individual piece of a call.  A standard call from a desk phone to an external phone number could include a call leg from the desk phone to the gateway, as well as from the gateway out.  Each leg of the call will have different metrics (or no metrics at all as reported by CUCM).

This search can look for three metrics:

  • Jitter - the fluctuation in rates of delay across the network
  • Latency - how much time it takes for one packet to get from one point to another
  • Packet Loss - the failure of one or more packets to reach their destination

As you can see, we are able to search for any or all of these items at the same time.  If you choose "ignore this metric" for all items, then the search will return all call legs that have associated CMR details.

Multiple Legs (and missing call leg information)

Here we see two phone calls, and the four associated call legs.  You can see each phone call has a call leg associated with the desk phone, and a call leg associated with the gateway.  

# 201 & 202 were answered, so there is call leg information for each.

# 203 & 204 did not connect (was not answered), so only the originating side (the gateway, since this was an inbound call) has call leg information.